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Welcome to the webpage of the West Virginia University Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (WVUNAACP). The term "colored" is no longer appropriate, the term "People of Color" is much more acceptable, and classifies a much larger group of individuals. The NAACP is a nationally recognized organization that has fought for, maintained, and protected the civil rights of ALL people! 

Founded in 1909, the NAACP was established to combat lynchings, segregation and injustices happening to people of color during the time! Today, NAACP fights to maintain civil rights having to do with, voting rights, equal pay, police brutality, education, healthcare, and advocacy.

Membership is open to all individuals no matter their race, sexual orientation or religion! We support everyone and ensure social justice for all!

This site will allow you to learn about our organization and our work within the WVU community. We are an organization of support, we ask that in return you support us during our many events throughout the year.

The majority of our events are open to the WVU community, Non-Members, and Members of the WVU NAACP. We encourage you to join us during our Monthly general body meetings.

Check out this site for updates and go to our “Get Connected” page to join our contact lists to stay connected and involved with the WVU NAACP. We hope to see you soon at a meeting or an event!



Upcoming Events:

April 6th, 2017  

6th Annual WVU NAACP Image Awards  

Mountainlair Ballrooms - 7pm
Black Tie Attire

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